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About Us

About Us

Welcome to Vikinghaug – a historical pearl driven by passion and love.

When we first discovered this beautiful wooden hotel, we saw an uncut diamond, with many layers of history and great potential. The building has been moved three times to different locations in Hardanger. The moving process to Odda began in 1905. The hotel opened in 1907, a time when nobility from around the world came to experience the stunning and rugged nature of the west coast.
With four children in tow, we renovated and looked after the house, which has a rich history. We moved from apartment to apartment while uncovering old timber walls and restoring carvings. In this way, we've brought out the soul of the house and created a unique home and place of accommodation. Today, Vikinghaug stands as a magnificent building, with the courtyard and garden continually evolving.
Vikinghaug operates as a family business, where Tove Hidle and Terje Gravdal are the daily managers. Our children have grown up in the courtyard and have been part of the entire journey. As a family, we have all shaped Vikinghaug into what it is today. We welcome you to this beautiful pearl.

Vikinghaug team: Terje gravdal, Tove Hidle, Tuva Hidle Gravdal and Tonje Hidle Gravdal 

photography by Eduardo Scaramuzza